Jesse Rosas

I have lived with my family in Highland Park for over 33 years. I have been married for 36 years and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. My parents moved with my brothers and I from Mexico City to Los Angeles in 1970, when I was 19 years old. I attended Belmont High School, where I learned to speak English. I worked for Los Angeles Unified School District for over 5 years in the Title I program and the CHAMP program.

Then I attended LACC for 2 years to study accounting, after which I started my own business. I have been a Businessman for over 30 years. I owned an auto parts and accessory business for over 18 years. Sadly, I had to shut down my business in 1995 due to a sharp spike in rent prices. I am now operating as a notary public, and executive assistant to a mortgage lender.

As a Businessman I am uniquely qualified to represent our communities in the following ways:

•I have enormous experience managing a budget’s
•I know how to delegate effectively and efficiently
•I know how to communicate clearly with state officials, business owners, and community members •I know how to operate calmly in a competitive atmosphere, and make important decisions under

•And I know how to sell an idea,

I have real solution for CD 1 that will guide our communities toward unity and prosperity

When I am elected, I plan to provide
•Accessible leadership and empowerment for all of us with monthly town hall meetings and website

polls so you can help me decide how best to serve our communities

•Volunteer community clean­ups in district 1 to reduce trash and graffiti, make it more family oriented and encourage the building of a strong unified community

•A monthly safety summit meeting for all communities •Expansions of neighborhood watch and police foot patrols