Small Businesses are at the center of of our community’s economic recovery and the jobs we need in our neighborhoods.
As a City Council Member, I will focus on making sure that entrepreneurs and small business owners have the tools they need to grow and create jobs for our community.
Small Businesses play a critical role in the health of our national economy.

Everyday small businesses emerge to play on important role in our community. It’s no surprise that the success of America’s small businesses drive our nation’s strength and future and ability to lead the global economic recovery.

The catalyst for growth and expansion is the small business person’s desire to build a better future for THEMSELVES, their families and their communities.
As a City Councilman, I will help small businesses start, grow and succeed ­ but most Importantly, put people back to work in our communities.

I will partner with State and Federal Agencies to bring local shops the assistance and funds they need. We will also feature more advising and training work shops for local businesses and start­ups.


The education of children has long been my passion. Although not under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles City Council, I will vigorously work to obtain the necessary resources to develop and maintain the following after school programs: Art, Sports, Arts/crafts, Music, Leadership & Vocational programs Physical/mental health, fitness & nutrition Anti­-gang & gang prevention programs

I will be instrumental in obtaining funds by utilizing the grant proposal systems of the federal, state and city governments. In addition, I will insure that all monies are appropriately distributed for their intended use.
With the use of individual volunteers and donations from the business community we can enrich the lives of all our children. I will use all available resources to re­open the Downey swimming pool and provide sports equipment for all the youth in Council District 1.

Public Safety

The families in our communities have suffered due to the neglect of leadership at all levels.
How can we feel safe when fathers are gunned down in front of their children, and police officers are executed while leaving their own homes right in our very neighborhoods?
It is no longer acceptable for the police department to be held solely responsible for decreasing crime in our streets and neighborhoods. That is why I will gladly take the lead and accept the challenge to improve safety in our communities.
I will promote the utilization of all available methods to increase effective police presence in all areas of City Council District 1. These will include increased police units on the street in patrol cars and on foot, bicycles units and equestrian units.
I will invite The Los Angeles Police Department to co­host regular crime and gang summits.
I will make sure that the following agencies: The Los Angeles County District Attorney, Los Angeles City Attorney, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will participate and give their input to solve the problems that we currently face.

I will have a staff member dedicated to coordinating the limited resources that we have in the most effective manner.
I will bring your voices through the power of my office to implement the ideas and plans that have been suggested to make our communities the place where we want to raise our children.
I will promote a police neighborhood watch program that is not stagnant. The way to revitalize the current system is to provide effective equipment and training of block captains. Request that police staff meet with members of the community.

I advocate the idea of more police and resident meetings being held within our communities.



The Housing policy in Los Angeles City, Council District 1, should be implemented in a manner that is consistent with maintaining the quality of life that we currently enjoy.

To achieve this goal we must do the following:

  1. Promote housing developments that are limited to single family detached homes.
  2. Clarify the definition of “affordable housing” in regard to current development projects. Since, the current available houses are over priced and are not within financial reach of the residents who actually need homes.
  3. Impose a moratorium of at least 3 years on large housing projects because they will increase the population density. During this period an infrastructure audit should be conducted to determine if large housing projects are feasible in our area. The City can not responsibly meet the demand for services if the need is increased. Additional large housing developments would burden the systems beyond their reasonable capacity.

I would like to help residents of my district to realize the American dream of owning their own home. This can be done with loans and information that provide resources.
I want to promote social housing and affordable housing. I will work to provide Limited-Equity Co-ops for low income and/or current residents in the community. These homes will be from inventory that was encouraged with Los Angeles City incentives to keep the area low in density and high in family values.